Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For Alissa...and everyone else.

So we did end up picking a middle name for Paisley. Her full name is Paisley Alba Crellin. (Alba pronounced All-ba and not Al-ba) in case you were wondering.

This is the outfit that we brought Miss Paisley home from the hospital in. The boys both wore that same onsie home from the hospital.Little stinker is only two days old here and found her thumb. She is pretty good at finding a thumb or fingers to suck on.This is where her big brother's like to sit. They think they need to be on top of her at all times, and so we put a stool by her so that they can sit and watch her rather than try to climb in the bouncer seat with her.
They try so hard to be good big brothers. They are constantly trying to share toys with her. This can pose a problem when some of the toys are as big as she is. Here Tab is sharing his favorite toys with her. Unfortunately I'm sure it won't last.Tab really wanted to help me change her diaper. He did a pretty good job.That pacifier looks just huge in her mouth and it is one of those tiny newborn ones.
Root Root Root for the home team... Why, I want to know, does she open her mouth that wide for daddy's arm but not for the real thing?I think that daddy is in love. What do you think?Daddy giving Paisley her first bath at home.So sweet.
We have a picture with Jason and both of the boys like this after their first baths.And for some reason Jason really wanted this picture.
Daddy got Paisley dressed. Jason bought this skirt for her when we first found out we were having a girl. He couldn't be more proud.Jason feeding Paisley her first bottle at one week old. She did pretty good with it.
Benton decided that this blanket belonged to him and was under no circumstances his sisters. He insisted on taking it with him for his nap.And last but not least, here is a picture of her awake!Oh and we had some pictures taken of her, check them out. (These are full res. so if you want you can download them from the link.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Paisley is here!

Paisley was born at 5:56 this morning. She was 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 1/2 inches. I will give more details later. But I know that you are all just wanting pictures. So here you go.

With her big brothers. Tab was so excited. He was simply beaming.

Benton was pretty enamored too.

A little excited for a sister...

Tab is very excited about having a sister. He talks about her wearing dresses and such. One of the things that he stresses to me is that she needs to wear bows in her hair. This is probably because there is a slew of them in his closet. So about a month ago he got sick of the bows not going to good use and so he got one out and told me that Benton wanted to wear it until Paisley came out. Benton didn't complain. LOL. I have to say, I was impressed. He did a pretty good job of getting it in his hair.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


The boys have really caught on to the whole idea of picking flowers for mom. When our yard was FULL and I do mean FULL of dandelions we could leave to go somewhere or come home without the boys each picking a handful of dandelions for me. It took me a little while to teach them that it really is best to pick them with the stem if they wanted me to put them behind my ear. For the longest time I had handful upon handful of dandelion tops. They just loved for me to wear them though. I ended up going many places forgetting that I had 3 wilted dandelions behind my ear. I'm sure I got a lot of laughs.

After the dandelions started to "get old" or whatever it is when they turn into the white puffballs the boys really thought it was cool to "blow them" and make wishes.Benton had a bit of a hard time blowing them, so he would run around the yard kicking all of the tops off. It was hilarious. It is hard to tell in this picture because it was so dark out but the boys were running around kicking the dandelions. Can you tell how many there were? All of the things that look like water spots on the picture on dandelions!
As they were loving flowers, we had to teach them not to pick our neighbors lovely flowers. So none to soon came last month's Home Depot project, which was a wheelbarrow planter. We went and the boys made them and then we let them pick out some flowers at the store. They really enjoyed planting and watering their flowers. Now Tab points out each time there is a new flower on his plant.Benton does however have their weird thing about his hands getting dirty. He freaks out after eating candy if they are sticky or in this case covered in dirt after he was done planting his flower. Sometimes I have to remind him that he is a boy and he is supposed to have dirty

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Scripture Time

Lately I have been making a concerted effort to read my scriptures every day. Tab has caught on and often reminds me. He runs and grabs his scriptures to read them with me. Some times he wants me to read out loud and others he just flips through the pages of his pretending to read to me. Usually when he reads to me it goes something like this, "Jesus shares the gospel and Joseph Smith is the gospel and the gospel this and the gospel that". It cracks me up. He really can be such a sweet little boy.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer is finally in full swing! Through the med school we get free passes to the Aquatic Center. As we won't be here much longer and as I won't be able to take the boys to the pool for too much longer, we have been taking advantage of every moment that we can get at the pool.On Saturday it was hot once again, so we took the boys to the pool in the evening. The boys had been outside with me most of the day already and I think Benton may have had a bit too much sun for one day. He was holding on to Jason's shoulders as Jason floated around the shallow part of the pool. Apparently after just a few minutes, Benton went limp. He was exhausted. (And yes, I'm an evil mom, I make my kids wear shirts and hats and sunglasses at the pool. Luckily they are used to it.)Tab is funny. For his birthday he was given this snorkeling gear. He mostly wears the goggles like a hat but we convinced him to put them on his eyes for the picture.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Tab's Birthday Party

Last week my good friend, Sarah and I threw a combined birthday party for our boys, Tab and Alex. It was supposed to be a pool party but it never got warm enough for them to open the pool. So we ended up just having a little shindig at the pavilion outside of the pool. We brought soccer nets and such and just let the kids run around and play.

Because we weren't able to play in the pool, the party mostly revolved around eating the cake and opening presents. It was a little pirate party, so I made a Pirate ship cake. I was a little worried about how it was going to turn out, but I think it came out great! Here are Alex and Tab with some other friends and the cake.Side views of the cake, just in case you wanted to see some of the details.Tab kept asking me if it was time to sing happy birthday to him yet. He has been to a few other parties for friends recently and I guess that the singing was his favorite part. He was SOOO excited when we started singing to them. Tab and Alex while we were singing happy birthday.
Blowing out the candles.Here the birthday boys are opening their presents.
One of his friends gave each of the boys a balloon with money in them. Tab loved stomping on the balloon to get his money. The balloon popped right before I snapped the picture.And finally, a picture of my little pirate! Happy Birthday Bucko!