Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Look Out World

Baby Crellin #4 is on it's way. Yep you heard me right, I'm knocked up. Due Oct. 22nd. And yeah, yeah , yeah, make all the wise cracks you want about us not being able to move without being pregnant. But for the record I have never once moved while being pregnant, SO THERE. I have simply had a newborn twice while moving.

May I have this dance?

Jason had some music on recently and the kids were dancing around. A slower song came on and Jason decided to teach Benton how to be a gentleman. I'm not sure if Paisley is going for a kiss hear or is hoping that Benton will share his sucker.They quite enjoyed their dance. Tab was hoping to cut in.

For the Love of Reading!

Tab has become an excellent reader. And now and again he likes to share those skills with his brother and sister. This particular afternoon Tab spent quite a bit of time reading to Benton. All the while, Benton picked his nose...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

For our little preschool playgroup recently, we went to the Air Zoo. The kids loved it.Benton has asked several times to go back. He keeps going back and forth about which plane was his favorite.

That's what Dad's are for, right?

I'm trying to figure out why Tab is the one wearing holes in his pants.
These kids sure are a huge fan of their dad. That is one thing, I know for sure.

Pirate Play

Big surprise, there is more pirate play going on in our house. The kids regularly attack our living room with blankets and pillows. This is of course a life sized pirate ship. Paisley has fully joined the crew in the pirate play as well. If she is anywhere and sees a blanket on the floor, she plops down on top of it and repeated says pirate ship, pirate ship, pirate ship. She could be more happy about being included by her brothers as part of the crew.

The many faces of Paisley

Oh, you know, just your typical day crawling through the tunnel without her shirt on. You know.
Sleeping with mom. A rare occurrence.Paisley had a mad obsession with books. She would rather have someone sit and read to her than do most anything else. She decided to share her passion with a little boy I was babysitting. She was "reading" him Brown Bear, Brown Bear which is her favorite and she has memorized. She loves her graham crackers and frosting, but really, who doesn't?And she decided to strip her self for one reason or another and read. Apparently those two things go together well?These are my personal favorites. We call this one the gangsta look.
Apparently one of her brothers put their jacket on her and she decided she needed a hat to top off her look. I personally think the facial expression makes the outfit.Here she is trying to play little miss innocent gangsta.

A Dinner In!

In February, we went to visit our rocking friends, the Guymons. I'm sure that you are all familiar with them by now. Sarah and I decided that since we were getting together we would put the kids down and make a super yummy dinner for just the adults. We did this about a year ago as well. It was good fun. Sarah and I enjoy hanging out in the kitchen together. Our husbands don't like this part of the meal so much.But they suffer through and enjoy the fruits of our labors.We had a super yummy carrot soup. I still need that recipe Sarah.And some marinated pork chops, that the men grilled up for us, as well as some orzo risotto and yummy bread.Also while we were there for the weekend, Sarah and skipped out to lunch with a bunch of the lady's from med school that live around Michigan.
And this picture is from outside of the restaurant. Sarah and I got soaked just for this silly picture. Yeah we are goons. All I can think when I look at this picture is that it is probably good that we didn't know each other when we were in high school and were more prone to doing stupid things.We also had a lot of fun playing with the kids. Here Keturah, Paisley, and Michael were lending their bellies to Jason drum playing skills. It was quite hilarious. I videoed it, but I'm not sure where that is at the moment. We had plans to include all of the kids in the band but the older ones were too chicken.
We are going to miss you guys terribly when we move. Seriously trying not to cry right now at the thought of it.

So Smart

So this is another oldie, but Tab received his first report card from kindergarten. We couldn't have been prouder. He is one smart cookie. In our recent parent teacher conference, the teacher told us that he is one of about 5 kids in his class that are heads above the rest. She said she usually worries about those kids being disruptive, but she said that Tab will just sit patiently while other kids finish their work/project. I just wish he could demonstrate those traits at We are so proud of him.

Time Out

Paisley has learned from her brothers that when she gets in trouble, you are supposed to have a time-out and you are supposed to cry while you are in said time-out.

It is so funny to see her when you yell at her for something or other or just get after her because she is being cranky or clingy. She will look at you and say "time-out" and then proceed to go stick her nose in the corner and fake cry for about 15 seconds. Then she will run over to you or Benton if she hit him or whatever, and smoother you with hugs and say sorry. I could keep this girl forever, she is just too cute.

Tab's Big "Thing"

Tab's current obsession which has been growing and growing since Christmas, is making paper airplanes. Grandma and Grandpa got him this book for Christmas.Ever since then he has been a non-stop paper airplane making machine. He has even started developing his own designs. All of which he must name, as the ones in the book are named.
We have recently restricted him to making 2 paper airplanes per day. This make seem silly, but it has gotten completely out of control. I should have taken pictures of all of the discarded airplanes that littered our house regularly. It is out of control I tell you. he turns every scrap of paper, even if it is only 1" x 1" in an airplane, I kid you not.

Official Report

Paisley is potty trained! Actually she has been for a few months, but I stink at this whole blogging thing. It is so funny to see that tiny little thing of a girl sitting on the potty.It is so funny to see that cute bum as we went with the no underwear thing for a few days as it is pretty much impossible to find underwear that small. LOL.