Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween and etc.

As many of you have been asking for here is a post just full of pictures of Tab. First of all, here is the only really good picture that we were able to catch of Tab in his Halloween constume that I made. This was at the Ward Trunk or Treat, the Friday before Halloween. He was a Three Muskateer/Prince. What a stud! Isn't he adorable? (sorry...blogger is giving me problems placing the pictures properly.

Then, the next day we went to a pumpkin patch here in town and let Tab run and look at all of the pumpkins and pick one out. We had a hard time getting him to hold or otherwise pose with a pumpkin, as he thought they were all soccer balls.! He found the small one he is pictured with and kicked it around the pumpkin patch for quite some time! What a silly kid. You can even tell in the picture that he is trying to kick it.

Now to follow are just shameless showoff pictures. Jason and I decided to take Tab up to a nice spot at BYU to take some pretty Fall pictures of Tab. I wish that I was half the photographer that my sister is. That way I could have a few pictures of him while he is looking at the camera and the camera is focused. Our camera is so slow, that such a picture becomes quite the feat. So what now will follow are TONS of pictures simply for your viewing pleasure.


Carrie Snider said...

look at that face! what a funny kid!

Anonymous said...

so so cute... and also, miles totally has that shirt.