Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A New Baby

So I know that it has been forever... But I am jumping back into the blogging world. It is my goal to blog once a week, so here's hoping.

For those of you that know and those of you that don't, we had a new Baby. Benton has joined our little family. I am sure that there will be many pictures to come, but for right now enjoy a few pictures of his first 8 weeks of life.

Here he is right after birth. He looks blue, but he is breathing. He was bruised from being posterior and coming so quickly.

Please excuse the silly look on my face. Remember I did just go through labor.

He was a little jaudice, so he got to spend some time under the lovely bililights.

And this one just because I think his feet and shoes are too cute.

And Tab just loves his little brother.

The Poor chubber had a bout with thrush.

My Boys!


Alissa said...

cute as cutes... and i can't believe how um... dead... benton looked when he was firstborn... crazy!

Kimberlie said...

Those pics are sooo cute. I miss you guys so much. I can't believe how big Benton is now. I will call you in the next day or so so we can talk. We leave for Hawaii tomorrow so maybe I will call you from the airport. Keep the pics coming :)