Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving in PA

We spent Thanksgiving at parents house in Pennsylvania. We visited all of the places I love and enjoyed a lot of rain (that is the nice was of me saying dude it rained a freaking ton). Tab as well as my sister's kids thoroughly enjoyed my mom's chickens, as can be witnessed below.

Here is Tab encountering his first chicken, courtesy of my little brother. Can anyone guess what habit is being displayed in this picture that makes me want to scream?
And here is Tab taking his turn gathering "grama chicken eggs"

Grandma showed them all the different parts of the chicken.

Don't worry, he ain't scared. He loved holding the chickens. Weirdo.

Hmm... maybe he saw grandma doing it a few times. Mom, it still makes me laugh to think of you snuggling your chickens.

The kids also had a blast playing in the soggy wet leaves.

Miles and Tab were the best of friends and the worst of enemies.
Exhibit A: Play Also known as chasing eachother in circles, which was very cute I might add.

Exhibit B: Hitting

Exhibit C: Now that we're friends again, let's play.

Again the boys playing. There was a LOT of this going on. And I just have to give Tab props for winning with a score of 153. lol

And just for fun, what happens when Tab has someone to play with 24 hours a day.


Kimberlie said...

Jenny, it sounds like you guys had a blast for Thanksgiving. I can't believe how old Tab looks. And I can't believe how much he loved those chickens. :)

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I am super jealous! Also, why don't I ever hear about Benton? I don't see near enough pictures either! Get with it sister!

Anonymous said...

That last picture of Tab is hilarious!

Alissa said...

gag. the chickens. i'm just not into dirty birds, i guess.

love the pictures of the boys chasing/hitting each other. and the guitar hero. classic!