Sunday, November 09, 2008

Truman Football Game

While Jason's parents were in town over Halloween, we headed across the street to a Truman football game. Tab really liked watching it at first but got annoyed that I wouldn't let him stand on the railings at the front of the bleachers to get a better view. He especially liked when the lady behind us let him play with her cow bell. And of course there was popcorn.

During half time when the marching band was playing, Grandpa took Tab up to the top of the bleachers to watch. Apparently he didn't want to come down until all of the music was over.

Benton got the biggest thrill out of climbing up and down the stairs and making me chase after him down the aisle. He was a pretty big fan of the popcorn and water bottle too.


Anonymous said...

So did your team win? You are braver than me, that seems like too much work. And I love football.

Sarah said...

I didn't know you went to a Truman game. Was it worth it?

Unknown said...

How fun!! We were talking about going to a game before we move from Kirksville. Gotta experience it all! I hope you had fun w/your in-laws!