Friday, December 11, 2009

Renegade post #2

Sorry about the delays... Jenny is up to her ears in Christmas junk and hasn't had a chance to blog something lately. She feels awful. So I am posting this SANCTIONED post:

Benny is the best after he wakes up from his nap. He is almost always wiped out and will cuddle until we get antsy and want to do something else. Here he is one Sunday afternoon just after his nap (and just after cuddling his daddy). Note the stolen blanket from Eesy (AKA Paisley... it is the best that Benny can do to say her name.)

Before the snow began to fall we actually made it outside to play from time to time. Here is a picture of Jenny that Tab drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. As far as we know this was the first (and best to date if it was not) attempt by Tab to actually draw a person. Note the arms, legs, dress, and smiling face. All drawn by our Picasso. And, true to form, Tab spent a good amount of time detailing the multiple intricacies that exist within Jenny's hair. (Take that how you like...)

And... Paisley... Her new nickname being PITA. (PS... it is an acronym but Jenny won't allow me to elaborate any further...) Here she is actually happy. It might have something to do with the flavor of her sweaty big toe. In all seriousness, she has actually been happier lately. She is eating baby foods and, as always, she loves the family favorite, the "sweet, sweet leches." I prefer the technical term, "competitive inhibition."
Tab has been rather ill of late. He has disconcerting spells of overt affection that catch us off guard. He has started saying please and thank you. He helps with chores (vacuuming and other stuff...). He helps with Paisley. His only fatal flaw is that his little mouth never rests. That just gives us more to look forward to each evening when he goes to bed.

Here she is again, Miss P's. She loves her Butt-bo. Her little "round bottom shuffles from side to side in the supportive chair until she gets stuck/slumped over and lets loose a scream. A few more spankings and we will be able to flatten that little butt right out so that she can sit up better. Some might call it corporal punishment... but I like to think of it as charity.
Again, things are going well. Busier than ever. The 3 above have nothing to do with the workload either. (Feeling the mildly sarcastic undertones yet???)

Until next time... good night and good luck!



Mom Crellin said...

Nice job Jay! I know Jenny is busy with Christmas outfits! Can't wait to see all of you!
Mom Crellin

Sarah said...

Sarcasm appreciated.
Hey, you guys have fun in T.C.!