Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Totally Busted!

So, last week Jason had some time off and we had really been enjoying the time hanging out with the family. One afternoon we were roughhousing and wrestling with the boys. Jason loves to pin me down and tickle me and make the boys try to "save" me, meaning I can't thrash to try to get loose or I'll hurt the kids. Well, apparently I was paying too much attention to him tickling me to miss the other thing he was doing. Do you see it?Now do you see it? What a freaking turd. And did he bother to tell me it was there before we went to a meeting in Tab's classroom at school so that I could try to cover it up? No! He told me when we got home. He is so busted.


Steve said...

I believe that Jason's mother used to do that to me all the time.

I do have a habit of remembering things a little different then she does.

Looks fun!!

Love you guys, Dad Crellin

Ruth Solter said...

Oh remember-- the time we were in Meineke just before leaving on vacation? And you blurted out "Mom, you have a hickie on your neck!" Loud enough for the whole world to hear. Paybacks Jenny- you go Jason!!!