Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Huricane Irene...Perfect Time to do some Canning.

In late August, Hurricane Irene hit the area that we live in. As we had previously had issues with lesser storms putting water in our basements, Jason took what little time he had at home to prepare for the storm. He built barricades of a sort to channel the water away from the foundation of the house.It totally looks trashy but it was only temporary until he could really fix it. And let me tell you it worked beautifully. Good job,Hubby!He also dug a little ditch that ran to our back yard that is more downhill to catch all of the water that comes from our neighbor's yard which is uphill from us. This also worked wonderfully.Prior to the news that a hurricane would be headed our way, my mom had planned to come up to help me do some canning. My sister later informed me that you are supposed to put up your stores prior to the storm and not during it. Yes, thank you, Alissa. Alas, it worked out well. We lost power and as luck would have it we were planning to do most of our canning and such outside on my mom's propane canning/camp stove. Oh, how nice it would be to have one of these.

We started with Peach Jam. Yum!It was so nice for cleanup and everything being able to do it outside. Let me tell you it is the way to go. I just hosed off my deck when we were all done.After the peach jam we made Salsa. How else do you make salsa but in a massive tub? Tab really enjoyed stirring it.Then we moved on to making Dilly Beans. Oh how I love my dilly beans.The end product!


Laura said...

I would like to learn to can. That was a good idea to just hose off the ole' deck. Way better than a messy kitchen!

burton family said...

I've never seen it done outside before, what a good idea.