Monday, May 12, 2008

Guitar Hero

We recently invested in Guitar Hero. We figured that what we paid for it would be equivalent of about three dates after we paid the babysitter and all. So we use this as our date now. We usually play after we put the boys to bed. But this past weekend we had some friends over to play. The Guymons totally rock... really they got pretty good at it!
Check out the concentration. Sarah, you totally have the rocker stance.

Jason felt the need to do this weird thing with his face. At least the focus it took to hold his face like that made him mess up.Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed rocking out together. She was a little hesitant at first when I forcefully made her move up to "medium", but she almost schooled me, almost.Lest you think we ignored our kids the whole time, they had a blast too.

Ok, so we didn't pay the closest attention to them and are probably lucky that they did wonder off down the street. But look at sweet Bekah. I just love this girl. She brought me a couple of books to read to her and she just snuggled right up. Why did I have two boys that don't believe in snuggling? Thanks for the snuggle fix Bekah.


Alissa said...

i would move to the middle of nowhere missouri just to be your guitar hero buddy.

Anonymous said...

Tell Matt to look out. I am getting killer guitar hero skills...

Yes. That is a challenge.

Sarah said...

Jeez, you had to post pictures of me? Well, I'll forgive you if you let us play with you again.
I'll let Matt know that Jason wants some fresh blood.

dastew said...

I totally love GH!