Thursday, June 04, 2009


The boys have really caught on to the whole idea of picking flowers for mom. When our yard was FULL and I do mean FULL of dandelions we could leave to go somewhere or come home without the boys each picking a handful of dandelions for me. It took me a little while to teach them that it really is best to pick them with the stem if they wanted me to put them behind my ear. For the longest time I had handful upon handful of dandelion tops. They just loved for me to wear them though. I ended up going many places forgetting that I had 3 wilted dandelions behind my ear. I'm sure I got a lot of laughs.

After the dandelions started to "get old" or whatever it is when they turn into the white puffballs the boys really thought it was cool to "blow them" and make wishes.Benton had a bit of a hard time blowing them, so he would run around the yard kicking all of the tops off. It was hilarious. It is hard to tell in this picture because it was so dark out but the boys were running around kicking the dandelions. Can you tell how many there were? All of the things that look like water spots on the picture on dandelions!
As they were loving flowers, we had to teach them not to pick our neighbors lovely flowers. So none to soon came last month's Home Depot project, which was a wheelbarrow planter. We went and the boys made them and then we let them pick out some flowers at the store. They really enjoyed planting and watering their flowers. Now Tab points out each time there is a new flower on his plant.Benton does however have their weird thing about his hands getting dirty. He freaks out after eating candy if they are sticky or in this case covered in dirt after he was done planting his flower. Sometimes I have to remind him that he is a boy and he is supposed to have dirty

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Sarah said...

When we went to Home Depot they gave us a flag pole instead of the wheelbarrow. I guess they ran out or something. The wheelbarrow is much cooler.