Monday, August 03, 2009

Benny... Always Good For a Laugh

Every now and again Benton throws a big stink about taking his Nap. Unfortunately for him, I can be more stubborn than he is. These pictures have been randomly taken over the past two months of Benton crashing during said nap enforcement.Benton is a goof and is always good for a few laughs. He has an obsession with shoes. He loves all of his shoes and loves wearing everyone else's too. He has figured out that Tab's are off limits unless he wants to suffer at his brother's wrath. He is particularly fond of my high heels and his dad's flip flops and sneakers.This is the "you wouldn't steal your own shoes off of the feet of a cute little boy like me, would you?" look.And of course one of the main things occurring in our house lately has been nursing Paisley. I swear that is all I ever do anymore...sigh. Alas, Benton has caught on. As I was nursing Paisley, he insisted that his baby wanted "miw"...aka milk. So I told him to go feed the baby, thinking he would grab the toy bottle that he usually uses to feed the baby. Nope, he knew the real way to get that baby some milk. I should have taken more pictures as he walked around for the next hour or so with the entire baby shoved up under his shirt.

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Rebekah said...

That's so funny. Cameron only has about two spots he will his bed, and in the car seat. Totally stinks sometimes. And btw, don't you have a picture of Tab at about that age nursing his baby doll too?