Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Benton!

Benny Boogs turned 2 today! We didn't do all that much differently today but I tried to make the day a little special for you by letting you have some soda and letting you have milk every single time you asked for it. For dinner we ate some home made Mac and Cheese, Benny's favorite.And then of course was the cake. Benton is our "late bloomer". He is just really starting to talk. For the longest time, he only used vowel sounds as "words". Because of this Jason started saying to him, "Today's Sesame Street has been brought to you by the letter..." and Benton would emphatically say, "O". Thus the cake..Here is a video we took, just because he is so cute.
It was killer to get him to look up from the cake for a picture.
He actually blew on the candles but couldn't blow hard enough to blow them out.Horking down the goods. I have to tell you what that boy surely was hyped up on sugar tonight.Present time. Mom and Dad were boring and got him the last collection of Shel Silverstein poetry, "Falling Up". The boys love reading those poems. The other two are nearly falling apart from being read and handled so much.Jason thought that Benton had a striking resemblence to the character in the book.Here he is opening his gift from Jason's parents. You can almost here the excitement coming from his mouth in this picture.
And if you can't hear it coming from his mouth in the last picture than you can surely see it in his eyes in this one.He was so excited to play with it that he couldn't be bothered to finish opening it first.But don't worry, that is what big brother is here for.Benton was very excited about the airplane. We live very close to the airport here and so we see and hear airplanes all of the time. Every time Benton sees one he makes an airplane noise and waves his arm around as if he has a toy airplane in he hand that he is flying. Gotta love that silly kid.


Anonymous said...

OOOO.... too cute!
Have I ever told you that you have the cutest kids! Can't wait to see the five of you!
Mom Crellin

Sarah said...

Ha! Benny played with that airplane when he came to our house! I'm glad he got one of his own.
I'm glad I didn't end up borrowing your colored fondant, because you definitely needed it. Holy letters, what a pain, but it looks great.
Happy Birthday, Benners!

thesquiresfamily said...

Too Cute!!! You are amazing with your cake decorating abilities! Wow!

Melanie Chambers said...

That cake is awesome. How did you make it so big and round. You must have a pan??

Jenny said...

I baked two cakes in cookie sheets and then cut out an oval from both and put a frosting layer between the two and cut the middle out. It was super simple.