Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bed Race

The city that the hospital Jason is rotating at recently celebrated it's 50th Anniversary. So the hospital hosted a "bed race" for the occasion. One of the Medical Education ladies organized a team consisting of the Kirksville Students. It was a blast. I brought the boys over to watch daddy run it.

Here they are in their pre-race parade. Each team had a theme, theirs was obviously cowboy themed.The MedEd Adviser gave each of the boy's these cute little stick horses which they have since decided are swords. Ahh....boys.And of course I had to take this picture for Tab. He wanted to know why daddy couldn't be on the pirate team, afterall, it was so cool.Here they are getting ready to take off for their first race.And here they are, completely smoking their competition in the first race.I am happy to say that they went undefeated against the 4 or 5 other teams and won first place. Here is the MedEd Adviser holding the "trophy" or bed pan award.
And finally, the whole team.

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The Oscarsons said...

Parker was looking at this post with me and Said " Oh mom look he has a sword" Oh boys is right.