Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Que the Choir of Angels

SCHOOL IS IN! (Preschool that is.) I couldn't be happier. My house is for the most part calm and quiet this morning. Sigh...... Perhaps I should feel guilty about how elated I am right now, but I've been looking forward to this day for about a month and a half.

So, here we go... Obligatory 1st day of school picture.I think that he may just be ready too.Benton threw a fit because he wanted to be in the pictures too.
Tab on the bus. And can I just say that I am thrilled about the 5-point harness?Benton after the bus left. He doesn't care that Tab left, just that he wasn't allowed to ride the bus.The first thing I did after the bus left was load up Benton and Paisley and headed for the store. I am in heaven. Benton plays so nicely and quietly without Tab around. There has been very minimal screaming. I just hope that it lasts.


Anonymous said...

Tab- you are getting too big!!!

Melissa said...

Yes, the five point harness is great! That would make me feel so much better. Jenna wants to ride a bus so bad. Poor Benton, Jenna feels your pain.

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

Ah, life with one less a couple hours of day is truly heaven sent. Why we keep having more, no one knows!