Thursday, January 07, 2010

Camping in Ludington

We spent a few days camping with out best friends, the Guymon's this past summer. The boys immediately turned some branches into guns and rocket launchers.Bekah and Keturah were kind enough to keep Paisley occupied in her chair with a hoard of rocks.Soon after settling in, we were greeted by quite a few deer. (Can you spot the 4 in this picture?) Working on dinner.The men helped to shuffle the babies while we all ate our yummy tinfoil dinners.Since this poor girl was still refusing to walk, she was restrained to the chair for much of her time.One of the best parts of the trip was a hike that we took with 7 kids under the age of 6. We realized part way into the trip we were dumb. Alas. It was still awesome.

A few minutes into the hike there was a little dock. The boys thought we had found our destination. Little did they know, we still had a couple of miles. Opps.Paisley spent most of her time on my back. Though Benny did spend a little time in the back pack while Paisley rode on my shoulders. (Don't worry Jason was carrying other kids.)I think she was happy there.Keturah happily settled into her seat as well.
Tab and Alex had a lot of fun making up stories while they plodded along.
Tab carrying the water.We were hiking toward a lighthouse, so a bit of the hike was sandy. Ugg.After what seemed like forever, we reached our destination. We love lighthouses, so it was worth it.I think they liked it too.We also spent some time at the beach nearby.The girls playing in the sand.
The men throwing the football.
Sarah and I hanging out. Don't mind the hair, it was really freaking windy.That wasn't the worst that my hair got. Jason was sure to document that for us. This is why I wore a hat 99% of the time. And we had fun making some jiffy pop corn with the kids.Whew, what a trip. It was a blast!

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