Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daddy's Boy

In honor of Jason's birthday yesterday, I thought that I would post this for him...

Benny is the definition of a daddy's boy. First thing when he wakes up in the morning, he comes in my room and asks where daddy is. Sorry, buddy but the answer is always the same, at the hospital. When we head to the gym every morning he makes sure to point out and wave to "daddy's hopital" as he says it. Which is almost always followed by, can we go see daddy at daddy's hopital? And when he hears the garage door open he is beside himself running to the garage door screaming, daddy daddy daddy. I try to believe that he would act the same way if he were away from me most of the day, every day. Alas, I don't really think that it is true.

One particular day, he was missing his daddy pretty bad. He was moping and I laid him down on the couch so that he could "rest". He decided that he needed a blanket so he went to the ironing basket and picked out a pair of daddy's pant and one of daddy's shirts to snuggle with. Silly boy and his love for his dad.

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Ruth Solter said...

I remember some girls yelling "Daddy,Daddy, Daddy", when their Dad came home from being gone all week. I often thought the same thing, if it were me coming home, I don't think they would be so excited. Dad's are just special people.