Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a MONSTER!!

The boys had so much fun making these awesome monsters. I saw the idea in Family Fun Magazine, only they made theirs into a frog. Anywho... We had a blast making them and the boys have had even more fun playing with them.

Tab'sBenton's... he was roaring at me.Tab named his monster Toby. So we affixed his name to him. Tab said his name needed to be on his but. Nice. I pulled the letters out for Tab and asked him how to spell Toby fully assuming that he was going to spell in Tobe. He surprised me by spelling it correctly. I'm guessing that there is a kid in his class named Toby?
They had a a lot of fun making them eat all sorts of random things too.


Alissa said...

cute idea!
good mom!

Jason said...

hot mama!!