Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods... grandmothers house we go.

First stop was my parent's house, grandma in the pink shirt's house (as the boys call her). And at her house the first stop is always the chicken coop. Every day after my mom got home from work the boys went running to get the eggs.There was tons of playing with cousins.Followed by exhaustion and sleeping with cousins.Cousins getting ready for bed.Then there is the endless fun on the rope swings.And playing with Annie and Rufus (Rufus in Benny's favorite).
At first Benton was terrified but after a few days he warmed right up and treated them as part of the family.I dare say that the dogs loved them too.Paisley did a lot of hangin out.And she loved being outside and in the grass....
until she didn't anymore.
Jason had fun working in my dad's wood shop. The finished product deserves a post in and of come later.I mentioned that there were cousins. My sister's family and my brother's family were both there at the same time as us, so it was quite the crowded house. As a result we were a little short on bedding. So we fixed up the suitcase with a bunch of blankets for padding and Benton enjoyed his new bed. Isn't it great to be little and be able to sleep anywhere?I just have to share these pictures of Paisley. She is always pulling her legs up like this, in the high chair, in stroller, in the grocery cart. Handy if you get hungry I suppose.My husband decided to be a turd as usual and took a picture of me feeding the babe.So I returned the favorAnd took some gomer pictures of him.Grandma and Grandpa took everyone to the zoo. Oh wait....he's not from the zoo.
The boys got to pet some goats.Pretty Miss P's had a good time too.I just love this pic of the boys. Shows the brotherly love.It was hotter than hot though. Luckily they had these misting things all over the zoo. It was the only way to survive.Poor Pais zonkedPais melted for grandpa.Speaking of grandpa, he made these awesome boats for the boys.They just love them.While we were there we took the boys for a hike in a place I loved visiting when I was growing up named Otter Creek.It was a blast. We had fun skipping rocks.
And on our way out of town we stopped and visited my grandparents.


K.E.N said...

My favorite picture was the one of Tab with the M hat. I'm happy you are embracing your new culture.

Anonymous said...

i love the picture of tab and benton being very nice to each other. what i love more however is the symbolism...they are on top of two fighting bears