Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Trip: Part IV: Niagara Falls, etc.

On the drive home from Massachusetts, we decided to go the shorter route through Canada, which took us right through Niagara Falls. It was just about 1/2 way home so we decided we would stay the night there and go see the falls. So first up, a few pictures of the troopers in the car.

The graham crackers were truly a life saver in the car.Tab and Benton being their normal goofy selves.The boys were very inventive and spent quite some time playing games under a blanket.Tab's preferred way to sleep in the car. I'm guessing that it blocked out the sun. I don't know about Jason but I'm pretty sure we felt the same way when we were there. All I can say is thank heavens for digital cameras. I can't imagine had I used film and had to pay to develop the 5 million pictures I took. I felt like I was a little kid, completely in awe. I think that the falls were one of the most magnificent, majestic, absolutely incredible things that I have ever seen.

I somehow managed to convince Jason to shell out the $13 a ticket to ride the Maid of the Mist. I think I got him with the part where all kids 6 and under are free!So we all donned our blue rain coats and stepped aboard. I love how they had the teeny tiny one for Paisley.The kids all thought they were pretty neat.Here come the Falls. I was just amazed at all of the birds sitting on the water as we got closer and closer. It was incredible. One second it was calm the next it was so windy and misty. Getting closer.Over some dude's shoulder. Holy cow isn't it amazing. I was seriously in awe. The horseshoe as best as I could get it.Um, did I mention that I took 5 million pictures because I totally did.
After we got off of the boat we took some rickety stairs that go right up the side of the Falls.
I just wanted to try to get a picture of just how much mist these things put off.A picture from the observation deck.Checking out the Falls.Bring mommy a flower.Pais sure had a good time.Here she is thanking me.Just being cute.
Tab enjoyed chasing the birds. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
And finally, headed back into the use. Welcome to Michigan, home (well, temporarily anyways) of the Crellins!


Natebate said...

Are you that desperate with hats? I think I have to get Benny another camo hat so you can throw away that ugly "M" hat. I'm just kidding, but seriously. Give you fam some love from aunt Jenna and uncle Batebate.

Jenny said...

The boys still wear their camo hats. It is just that the Michigan ones are newer and therefore get worn more often...sorry.

Kimberlie said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful vacation. I am so jealous that you saw the falls. I have always wanted to go there. maybe someday :) Love you guys tons. i am glad you got home safely.

Melanie Chambers said...

Wow! What a fun summer so far. I want to see Niagra fall so bad. Paisley is as cute as ever.

Wife of dastew said...

If you make it to Niagara Falls again after August, let me know. We'll be living less than half an hour away.

Jason said...

Nathan... He had to wear the Michigan hat because he lost his "Bonjour" hat to the hurricane deck... LOL