Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer in the Sun

We have spent quite a bit of time outside as the summer has provided us with quite a bit of beautiful and roasting hot summer sun. We go for walks. Paisley loves when daddy carries her around.The boys love riding their 4-wheeler
and tractor.Hey, I do believe that sign says NO PARKING dudes. Get moving.
Mostly we go for a lot of bike rides. We had strong hopes that Tab would be fast enough for us to go out on the awesome trails they have around here. Alas, perhaps next summer. So we stick to our little neighborhood.Benton and Paisley enjoy their time in the bike trailer. (Side Note: We bought the smallest helmet we could find for Paisley but it is still for 3 years and up and she has a hard time with it. Does anyone know where you can find an "infant" helmet?)And Jason has fun pulling them.
And Jason finally put together one of our super crappy bikes so that I could go riding with them. Don't mind my gomer helmet that needs to be replaced very badly.
Paisley just loves being outside. She is killing the butt in all of her pants because she doesn't crawl, she scoots and she insists on scooting around on the cement.

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