Saturday, August 14, 2010


We recently added another event at our local library, a Magic Show. The guys was just fantastic with the kids. Here he was doing a trick where he kept pulling golf balls out of his mouth.Then Tab got lucky enough to be selected to come up and help him with one of his tricks!

Here he is greeting the magician. The magician was jumping up and down as if Tab was shaking his hand very vigorously. Tab thought it was awesome.First Tab had to stuff a scarf into the bag.Then he had to wave his spider over the bag, as if it were a magic wand.
At the end of the trick, the spring snake things popped out of Dracula's coffin. Tab thought they were pretty awesome. Since this event Tab has been making up and performing "Magic Tricks" where he makes things appear and disappear. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff.

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