Sunday, August 08, 2010

Trapeze Artists

I cannot say enough how much I LOVE our local library system, especially in the summer. They bring such great performers in for the kids. One evening I took the kids to a Trapeze show. It was so much fun, for the kids and for me too!

They started out by lining up a bunch of kids on the ground. Then one of the three girls handstand walked over all of them! It was pretty impressive.Then they did some sweet fire eating, which I'm not going to share pictures of because you couldn't really tell what they were doing in the pictures. But it was freaking cool.

Then they started on the trapeze.Tab was a little concerned about this one. He was really worried that she was going to fall as she was spinning around in circles.Paisley was truly in awe.She kept clapping and clapping and clapping. I was trying to get a good picture but she was on my lap.Then they started on the silks.
This girl was awesome. She did the whole wind up and roll down this. It was awesome. She was even more impressive as she had a broken foot.
We had a lot of fun. Benton was a little nervous about this girl, so he wouldn't pose with her for the picture. He was pretty much crawling up my leg whilst I took this picture.


Melanie Chambers said...

That's so cool. I love the library, too.

Unknown said...

How cool! I haven't even looked into what our library offers. What a great experience1