Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We love the YMCA!

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching your kids learn something new and get so excited about doing it. We belong to the local Y and it has provided us with the opportunity to enroll our kids in various different sports programs.

As I have mentioned before Tab is obsessed with hockey. He has roller blades which he is getting quite good at, and a hockey stick and hockey ball. He is a pretty good and "puck" dribbling, but he is way too spastic to control himself in "competitive mode". He ends up just whacking away.

Here Tab is in his floor hockey class, whacking away. I believe he scored on this one.
Here he was playing "goalie"...that's a joke I think.There are about 15 minutes between Tab and Benton's classes, so the kids just play in the Gym. The boys were racing back and forth. Paisley wanted in on the action. After a few times of switching directions because the boys had finished their laps, she was getting frustrated, so they decided to lay down and wait for her to catch up.She was quite the trooper. Just to give you a better idea of how far she went just to play with her brothers. Poor girl... as soon as she got there, they ran back. Sigh...Benton is taking a wrestling class. We probably will wait a year before enrolling him in anything else because he needs constant reminder to focus, lol. But he LOVES it. And it is hilarious. Here the coach was trying to get them to do push-ups. (I don't think he has kids.) It was more of hip ups, as you can tell.
They were practicing single leg and double leg take downs. Tab was letting Benton practice on him. It took some work to get all of the kids to "hug" the legs instead of grab them like Benton was in this picture.Here is Benton trying a double leg on his coach.Success.
The boys have been practicing their moves and can't wait for daddy to get home to work on them with him.

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Kimberlie said...

That is awesome that they have those classes. I played floor hockey growing up. I loved it and of course I love me some wrestling. I am glad you guys are doing so good. Miss you.