Friday, December 02, 2011

Date Night...IN

We haven't really had very much opportunity to go OUT on dates as we just can't muster up the strength to pay for a babysitter. So we've been trying to have date nights IN after the kids are in bed. It isn't nearly as nice as going out but we get to spend some time together and we usually end up doing something enjoyable.

This time we decided to make some tortillas. We had been talking about trying it FOREVER, yet we just hadn't taken the time. SO we thought this was the perfect subject for our most recent date night. I had the job of rolling out the dough.Jason cooked them up.
Sorry, no finished product pictures. Apparently I'm slacking lately. They turned out pretty good. At first I thought that they were too stiff to use as a typical tortilla for burritos and such. But the next morning they were perfectly soft so I made breakfast burritos for everyone and they were divine. I would love to make all of our tortillas as they aren't super cheap and we use A LOT of them. Perhaps I should invest in a tortilla press? Anyone have experience with one?

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Nashelle said...

I had been using a flour tortilla mix from walmart for years with my electric tortilla press. But I've been using an awesome recipe that I like lately. I was given the press by mother-in-law who never used it. It's kinda dying out so I use it to quickly flatten the tortilla then cook it the rest of the way on a griddle. It's way faster so I would recommend some kind press if you do it often. I've never used a regular press with much luck but that's because I hadn't gotten the dough to that stretchy elasticy stage very well, which would have helped. It's hard to go back to store-bought once you start doing homemade. Good luck!