Thursday, December 01, 2011

More Soccer

Jason does such a good job capturing great pictures of Tab's soccer games. I just had to share more soccer pictures as that is what we spent every Saturday morning this passed Fall doing.

Tab's team, The Cheetahs, weren't exactly very good. They spent most of the time fighting each other for the ball. Tab loved to be the one kicking the ball in.He is such a silly boy. If he was standing in front of someone and wanted them to pass the ball to him, he would put his hands up in the air. I'm not exactly sure what that was about.He is not what you would call aggressive. He is quite fast and would easily get in front of the other kids running down the field and would be in a good position to stop the other team from making breakaway goals. However, he would get it front of them and then doing nothing and let them make their goal. Sigh...maybe next year he'll be more aggressive. So this shot is a rare one. He had the ball and was moving forward with it.On one of the occasions when his team happened to score a goal, they all took the opportunity to celebrate with high-fives and such. Jason caught Tab with the classic "yes, score" move. Notice his right arm in this picture...And here. Can you see the clenched fist and then the elbow drop. Classic...

Benton didn't mind the games too much.But Paisley got kind of sick of going to games. And she usually ended up getting in trouble.Then giving dad the stink eye.

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