Friday, August 08, 2008

The Chickens...a very picture heavy post

My mom raises chicken in their not so little backyard coop. She learned all about it from her friends at (I had to put that in there just for Adam.) Anyway Tab has started to distinguish between his different grandmas by calling my mom his Chickens Grandma. It is pretty hilarious and I think my mom just loves it.

Tab just loved going out to Grandma's chickens. He loved collecting their eggs.
He was really fascinated by the little chicken doors.
He kept sticking his head in to check on the chickens inside.He eventually figured out that he could fit through and play/antagonize the chickens inside the coop.
At first, though he was excited about the chickens, he was a little nervous. So he started out by just throwing bread at them.He's he stinking cute?But then Jason showed him how to chase the chickens around and corner them. Jason is worse than any kid I know. Every time that Jason went in the pen he was chasing the chickens, especially the pullets because they were terrified of him. My mom could constantly be heard yelling, "so help me, if my chickens don't give me 6 eggs tomorrow, I'm going to make you lay them". Lucky for him, they always did. I actually have some great video of him chasing them around that I'll share later.His favorite thing was the babies. I have to admit that they were pretty cute.Ahh, don't they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Too bad that by the time we left they were about the size of the pullets and ugly.But like I said, I liked them. They were soft and snuggly.On Tab's first encounter, he examined them.After deciding that they must truly be baby chickens, grandma tried to get him to snuggle them as she does the hens. (odd, I know). He was a little apprehensive at first.And then he was happy with the idea, but still a little unsure of the chicken precariously perched so close to his face.He soon warmed up to the idea and we had a hard time getting them away from him.The babies were quite the highlight. When his cousin Miles got there they were always out trying to get into the chicken coop. After an incident where they let the babies out into the pen with the "big hens" (who would peck them to death), the pen got locked and Miles and Tab got their first "grounding".

Now, I have saved the best pictures for last. After a while Tab ended up in just skinnies every day as I got sick of changing him into clean or dry clothes. So he ended up in the chicken pen nearly naked. He didn't really seem to care. He was too busy chasing the hens around. He got quite good at catching them.And then what do you do with a chicken once you've caught it? Why you "fly" it of course.And after "flying" the chickens gets old, you corral them in the baby's pen and then take them back out again.After a while the chickens started to get sick of it, so they started perching up on top of the pen where they thought Tab couldn't get too them. Poor things underestimate a determined 3 year old.Tab sure did love those chickens. He still talks about them.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss you guys-- my chickens will never be the same. They are growing fat without someone to chase them around and 'fly' them. They are back to laying 5 eggs a day. Sadly, we lost a hen to Annie, the dog. Jason, you probably squeezed those chickens every morning to make sure I got 6 eggs a day!