Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Boogalas

One year ago today Benton joined our little family.
I can't believe that this year has gone by so quickly. Benton has grown so much. He has enriched our lives and taught us much. He really is just what our family needed, spunky attitude and a belly laugh that can make the even gruffest of people chuckle.Benton got pretty excited when we started singing happy birthday to him.

Then we gave him the cake and he gave us this look. The, am I going to get in trouble for this look.

Oh, the cake. I guess you may want to see that in one piece. Here is Benny's dinosaur before it got all cut up. It didn't turn out quite right. I had some soft frosting issues. Also the head is obviously propped up. It was a little heavy. And, well, lets just say there are more toothpicks in that head than cake and it wasn't helping. Most importantly, if I never have to seen green frosting again...
All that matters is that Benton enjoyed it.After a little while he decided to take a little break. i think he was having a bit of a sugar buzz.But don't worry. He went back at it. He actually finished eating all of the cake.But he decided that the frosting was more fun to play with than anything else.
Of course we had a little present for the Boogs. However, he of coarse had no clue what it was.So we helped him figure it out. Look at his eyes, he was still so wired.As the boys didn't really need any more toys, we got Benny a few new books.


Anonymous said...

Love you kiddo...

Nothing better than getting beat up by you whenever I get on the floor, seeing your smiling face when I walk through the door, and spanking your butt.

Kimberlie said...

Happy Birthday Benton!!! We hope you had a fun day. Thanks for coming and playing with us.