Monday, October 06, 2008

A New "Money Place"

From the Beginning: Over the summer I went to some yard sales with my mom. At one of them I saw one of these. I remembered having one of these when I was younger and loved carrying it around with various things in it. So for a whopping quarter, I picked it up for Tab thinking that he might enjoy it also. I was right. He became obsessed with it. He carried it around everywhere. He decided that it was meant for keeping his money in. So he started to call it his "money place".

Well, a few weeks ago he was wearing his money place around his neck as usual. He decided to climb up and sit in Benton's highchair. He was goofing off and fell forward and the lanyard got caught in the belt clip of the highchair. So he was hanging for a moment from the lanyard. I was standing at the kitchen counter so I ran over to grab him just as the lanyard thankfully broke. I don't know how it broke but I was grateful. He had some pretty bad rug burn like marks on the back and sides of his neck.

Well, after that I decided not to "fix" his money place and tossed it. And of course I had to replace it. So we went to Walmart (of course) and bought a lunchbox for $1 and painted it and let Tab help me decorate it. He thinks it is the coolest money place. He could care less that his other one is gone.

And a look at the back.

He is doing a pretty good job saving his money. He decided over the summer that he really really really wanted a Mack Trailer from the Movie Cars. It is $23 and we told him that he had to earn the money to buy it because mom and dad don't buy toys like that. We figured that he would forget about it and move on to wanting something else that he could already afford. But he is still saving away. Although he has been getting a little impatient as of late. But he is doing a good job saving.

Poor kid still has about $9 to go. I know, we're mean, but we're not just going to go buy so silly toy.


Anonymous said...

good for you!! It's a lesson he'll always remember! And that is one cute "money place"

Nashelle said...

Yikes, how scary! I remember those, too...I like the homemade one better--how fun!