Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Truman Homecoming Parade

This past weekend Truman University had their homecoming parade. I put the boys in the stroller and we walked over. It was a bit chilly so on the way we stopped at the local gas station and picked up a hot chocolate and some donuts and then parked ourselves for the parade. The boys enjoyed watching everything go by. Tab was particualarly smitten with all of the people who threw candy at him. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. I'm still kicking myself for that. We sat next to some of our really good friends, the Guymons. Their two kids, Alex and Bekah came home with us to play. You should have seen the funny looks I got, pushing 4 kids on my stroller. So I had to have Jason take a picture when we got home. Ok, I guess I would pitty some girl if I saw her pushing a stroller looking like this.


Saturne said...

Well, that's not too unlike my stroller was that day when I went to the parade. Same stroller, too!

Chambers said...

I love your little blog entries. I really like that recipe box. I have recipes here and there and everywhere.

Sarah said...

That's awesome. Thanks again for taking them with you.
BTW--I keep forgetting to tell you, but I remembered now, so I'll just write it here--our table and chairs are all perfectly fine - like nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

how fun to have hot chocolate and donuts! Makes me wish we had more of winter here. And that is a great picture