Sunday, October 05, 2008

Robot Time

The boys bombard Jason every day when he gets home from school. They think that Daddy's entire purpose in coming home is to chase them back to the playroom and be at their disposal. Unfortunately for them this isn't always possible. It is such a heartbreaker. But more often than not they get some good play time with Daddy.

A little while ago, Tab's big thing was that he wanted Jason to help him build a Robot. I think he had just watched the movie Robots and decided that he could build one too! So on several occasions Jason helped him build a robot.

Tab was very proud of the Robot. The creations usually only survive for a short time, but this robot is still sitting on his desk about 3 weeks later!


Anonymous said...

Need to get that boy working on his "robot" at happy feet too!

Sarah said...

I love Tab's pose. Hilarious.