Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Quiet Game

Dinner is always challenging. And it isn't necessarily because the kids are always complaining about what food is put in front of them. They are just "slower than snail farts" as we say in our house. They just take forever and it usually ends in frustration on both ends. So one night Jason came up with this genius game when the boys were being so loud and rambunctious at the table. He took the kitchen timer and set it for some ridiculously long amount of time. And then he told the boys that we were playing a game called the Quiet Game. Nobody, INCLUDING mom and dad were allowed to talk, whisper or do anything but eat until the timer went off and the first person to finish their food would win. Sounds pretty lame and not like a game but, the results...Tab was warning daddy not to talk.
And Benton...well, Benton does whatever he sees Tab do.


Nashelle said...

So...who won? :)

Liz said...

Genious. Simply genious.