Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July!

We didn't really do a lot of celebrating over the 4th of July. We did a lot, don't get me wrong, just not a lot of celebrating. So on the 4th we decided to do at least SOMETHING. So we broke out the fire pit that we had just purchased and sat around it for a bit.

The boys were enjoying the cap guns that daddy bought for them. Once the fire settled down a bit, we enjoyed some s'mores. Jason had purchased the jumbo campfire marshmallows. It was quite humorous. Tab was the first to try out a s'more. The first bite spit the guts out into his hand.So he worked on those.And he worked some more and some more until he had it kind of under control.By this time, Benny's s'more was ready. Having seen what happened to Tab he looked thoughtfully before he attacked.Then he got a bit excited at the thought of shoving that thing into his mouth.He finally just went for it.He wasn't super pleased with the results. Or perhaps it was the fact that it took him about 20 minutes to eat his s'more that didn't please him. hmmm....Of course, I had to dig in too, with fairly similar results. Though I quite enjoyed the mess.Paisley was content to nibble on mine.Jason indulged too, minus the chocolate of course.

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