Sunday, July 17, 2011

Personal Space

While visiting my parents, my mom and I went to some community yard sales that were going on. We were done for the day and heading home when I saw these right on the curb at a yard sale and made my mom stop. I have wanted one of these for the boys for the longest time and so I asked how much the lady wanted for them, knowing it would be more than I would want to spend. She said $15 each. I was shocked. Whenever I had seen them it was always more like $60. All I had was a $20, so I was thinking, ok, I'll buy one of them and went to look at what else she had. When I walked away from them, she said, but it is really negotiable. So I had to ask if she would take $20 for both. She said yes! I was in 7th heaven. So I packed them home!

They are in amazing shape and the boys are now in 7th heaven. They love having their own desks to read and write at. At they love having their own space to store stuff that nobody is allowed to get into. The only problem now is that Paisley is terribly jealous.

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