Monday, July 02, 2012


Our Easter Celebrations began with a little egg hunt at Benton's preschool.  Benny and Paisley both enjoyed the hunt.  The big prize was the egg with a quarter in it.
 Why do these two never want to look at the camera?
 Benny's preschool class as well as another class along with all of their siblings.
 Next up was the Primary Egg Hunt.  We also had a few games.  Benton and Paisley tried the spoon race.
 They were big cheaters holding their egg on the spoon, but so did pretty much everyone else also.
 Next up was a sack race. Tab is in the florescent yellow jacket.
 Paisley, slowly but surely made it across the field.
 Finally the hunt, itself.
 The Easter Bunny hung some eggs in the trees and Tab was jumping to try to reach one.
 Grandpa came up to visit for Easter.  I can't remember why, but my mom was out of town, so he came up.
 The kids woke up and went to work looking for where the Easter Bunny hid their basket. (And yes, Benton's shirt is on backwards.)
 Per Jason's request, the kids follow a trail of jelly beans or candy filled eggs which leads to their basket.
 Sharing the wealth with their sister.
 Tab was quite pleased with finding the eggs.
 They finally located their "basket".  Since my dad was coming up, I had him bring one of my mom's ginormous stainless steel bowls.  This is what my parents always put our community Easter Candy in.  It was kind of fun to do the same for my kids.
 Jason was working nights, so when he got home he ran out and hid the eggs and then we sent the kids out.
 Paisley really had a blast finding the eggs.
 As did the rest of the bunch.
 Then came the discovery of the final egg.  Paisley beat Benton out by a milisecond.
 Which didn't go over well.
 It was quickly confiscated.
 And happily placed in his egg carton.
 As you can imagine this didn't bode well.
 She was quickly won over by being allowed to eat as many eggs as her little heart desired.

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