Friday, July 06, 2012

Tab's Birthday Party

We decided to throw Tab a small birthday party this year.  He of course wanted a Star Wars themed party.  My budget for the entire party was $60 and I am proud to say that I stayed below my budget!  He had three friends and a little brother who were able to make it. 

After the kids had put on their Jedi Robes and selected a light saber, the games/training began.  First was a version of "clean up the back yard".  Each young Jedi had to master his light saber skills by thwarting the other Jedi's attempts to whack the balloon bombs into their section of the deck.
Some dueling may have also occurred. 
Next up was instruction in the proper use of the force and then Agility Training, aka obstacle course.
First each Jedi had to use his hand eye coordination to block the bombs that the other Jedis were throwing at him.
Then he had to run along the rail ties.
And then down the slide.
Then they had to use their balancing skills to skip between the bricks.
They had to whack the storm trooper. (He was originally attached to a punch balloon but they kept popping in the heat.)
Next was a dive through the cube and down the slide on the other side.
They had to jump over the stack of bricks.
And whack the next punch balloon.
Next up was a dive through the tunnels.
Whacking another Storm Trooper.
Run along the rail ties...
And Finish by whacking the last balloon.  The fastest and most agile Jedis won Yoda Kites.
Next up was some time away from the heat for cake and ice cream.  I made an R2-D2 cake.  It was my first time using the color dust to get the silver.  The kids seemed pretty happy with the cake so I was a happy mom.
Blowing out the candles.
Next up was back outside for the Death Star pinata.  Tab has been begging for a pinata for ages, so he was very excited for this part.  I made this also.  It was a balloon, some paper/cardboard and a little bit of your run of the mill flour/water paper mache.  I like to believe he loved it.
 At first we let all of the kids whack the pinata with their light sabers.
 They were kind enough to let Paisley in on the fun.
 Then we broke out the bat.
 And things really started to get fun.
 Tab was the lucky boy to finish her off.
 Then we went back inside to escape the heat again for present opening.  He was elated to start off with this awesome shirt.
And it just kept on coming with a few sets of Star Wars Legos.
The party was finished off by an appearance of Darth Vader.  They used their newly acquired Jedi Skills to take him down so quickly that I couldn't even get a picture of Jason being mauled by a bunch of 7 year old boys.  He said one swift whack at the groin was all he could take.  I'll have to let Luke know that detail for the next time he has to take down a Sith.

Tab decided to take on the roll of Darth Vader as we waited for parents to pick up kids.  Tab has some sort of strange fascination with the Bad Guys. (Transformers- he prefers the decepticons, Star Wars- Darth Vader, Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress, Darth Maul, etc.)  Should I be worried?

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