Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Spring Break

 So as to avoid boredom over spring break, I gathered together supplies for the kids to do a bunch of various "science experiments" for whenever they were bored.

Here the kids are posing with their Tornado in a Jar.  They really had fun shaking this up time and time again.

Later I put a bunch of baking soda on some plates, colored some vinegar and then let the kids have at it with some medicine droppers.

Benton really poured it on.
 While Paisley used very small amounts at a time.
 Tab experimented with designs. 
 The kids LOVE to play Star Wars, but we don't have any Star Wars costumes.  No worries, they come up with their own.  Tab is of course Darth Vader.  (He really had a thing for the "bad guys").  His costume consists of a black blanket, a bandana and his light saber.  Benton Was Obi Wan with another blanket, bandana, belt and light saber.  Of course Paisley was Princess Leia.
 I thought they looked pretty great.
 We also made some straw airplanes.   After some experimenting with the structure we were getting pretty good at flying them.
And because Mom couldn't be bored, (Ha! is that possible) I had some fun playing with Paisley's hair.  I wish I had a better picture of this, it was pretty detailed with some weaving and such going on.

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