Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boys & Their Toys

Tab has an obsession. The name of this obsession... All things Trains. He loves Thomas the tank'n engine, but really any trains will do. He is completely obsessed with his new train set, courtesy of grandma and grandpa for his upcoming birthday. He literally spends hours EVERY.SINGLE.DAY playing with it. I have never seen such great imaginitive play out of this boy. He is a riot. He frequently enlists Jason or myself to help him build a track with him. If you ever come over to our house, you too will likely be asked, "Come on, wanna play my trains with me?" A few Saturdays ago Jason and I spent a few hours with him in his room building and playing with this creation.

He really like using the blocks to build a "special tunnel"A few of the other highlights: The intersectionTab enjoying his trackAnd although it was annoying and frustrating at first, he has gotten very good at pulling all of the trains together.Here is another day of him playing with them. This time in the kitchen. There are frequently pieces of this train set lugged all over the house. We bought him a bin to keep them all in and luckily most nights before he goes to bed, he runs around picking them all up so that he can put is trains to "sleep" because they had "too much fun day" according to Tab.

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Jason said...

"Zhou Zhou!"

(His best attempt at "Choo-choo!")

I- I mean HE... loves those trains... especially Thomas train...