Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Independence, It's so... Liberating

Benton is in a new stage; a stage I don't remember Tab ever going through. He has really mastered sitting up and playing and reaching for his toys. This has made him so independent. The other day I sat him on the livingroom floor with a pillow behind him, just in case, and went off to do my thing (read: clean). About 2 hours later I realized that I hadn't heard so much as a squalk out of him. I'd walked past him a million times and he didn't even care. He was too busy playing. I guess it also helps that Tab has started to enjoy playing with him, which also helps to keep him busy and occupied. So Benton's new found independence has been liberating for me.

Here are some taken right after he fell over. He was trying to get the camera. (And, no, I don't think his hair needs to be cut. I LOVE IT! I love the way it is out of control and sticks up in every direction.)Oh wait, you want to take pictures of Benton? Not gonna let you do it. Ain't never gonna happen. Cheese!Tab is just like what I hear that his father was like when he was a kid. He likes to be the one getting the attention. So it is very hard to get pictures of Benton without Tab jumping in front of him or trying to be a goofball.


Anonymous said...

YES just like his father! Jason was or should I say IS out of control! The three boys are too cute!
mom crellin

Sarah said...

Those are some really good pictures of Benton! And, wow, two hours! Awesome. Maybe that makes up the time lost yesterday ;)
It is the best when your kids play together-for some alone time and just to see them be friends! Of course, the opposite goes for when they fight...