Sunday, March 23, 2008


We had such a fun Easter with the boys. We took Tab to an Easter Egg hunt that was held at Truman University on Saturday. I wasn't really planning on it being absolutely freezing so we headed out the door without hats, etc. Luckily Jason always wears this had and so Tab got lucky and didn't have to freeze his little ears off. Here he is with his loot. Can you tell he was freezing? A close up of the loot. I just love plastic eggs. I'm totally weird I know. I don't know what it is about them. Perhaps it's the bright, fun colors. Perhaps it's the sound they make clanking together. Perhaps it is that they can entertain small hands for quite some time. Oh wait, no, it is none of those things... I remember what it is. It is the same thing Tab loves about them... they are filled with candy. (Did I ever mention I have a candy addiction. It runs in the family)
While we were at Truman, they had their mascot out, so we stopped for a picture with the boys.
Tab was admiring his "golden eggs" as he likes to call them.
When we went home we dyed some of our own eggs. I think that Tab enjoyed this part the most. He had a hard time not checking the eggs every 10 seconds to see if they were "done".
Look how very carefully he was placing the eggs in the box. That didn't last long.
Just checking his eggs...again.
Ta-da! All done!Here is Sunday morning. He was following a trail of Easter eggs to find his basket. Don't you worry, I wasn't dumb enough to put candy in the ones leading up to his basket. It would have taken all day to get him there. (I learned that lesson last year)He found it! Can you tell he wasn't pleased about posing for a picture before digging into the basket?Here are the boys in their Easter outfits. I would have loved to have taken pictures outside in the beautiful sun, but it was SNOWING. Gag. I'm so ready to be done with the winter...I hope you really enjoy this one because it is nearly impossible to get a picture of Benton smiling because whenever he get excited and smiles, his hands go straight into his mouth.Hmmm.... I wonder if they are brothers?And a few more pics of them just because I can.

This one is just so that you can see what this poor child is going to have to put up with as he gets older. Those poor cowlicks.


Anonymous said...

1. Yes dear... you are a candy-o-holic.

2. "Dis is my GOLden EGG!"

3. Those ARE indeed my boys. (Even though sometimes they are Jenny's if you know what I mean...)

Kimberlie said...

We know what you mean Jason :) I am glad the boys and you had so much fun at Easter. Sorry it was snowing, I know this doesn't help, but it was in the 60s here on Easter. Sorry. I love the boys outfits. They are so cute and so big. I won't even recognize them when I see them in a couple of months. And yes you are a candy-o-holic. But thats why we love you :)