Friday, April 25, 2008

At Last...

Spring is in the air. I just love the smell, the sun, the grass. Ahhhh.... It has been a particularly cold and snowy winter and this warm weather has been music to my soul. It has been great for getting Tab out of the house. He just craves being outside. We have been making sure to spend some good playtime outside each day. So I thought I would share a few pictures of him loving it up.
Tab really enjoys his bike, but over the winter he has reverted back to pushing himself around using his feet on the ground. We've been trying to get him to pedal but he just wouldn't. So I decided that I needed to show him. Jason saw fit to take a picture, so enjoy your laugh.Tab mostly enjoyed riding circles around his brother. Benton got a kick out of it too. He giggled pretty much the entire time.However, I think Benton was a little jealous of the mobility factor that Tab has going for him. It's your own fault little man. If you weren't so stubborn...We decided that Tab needed more than just a bike to play with outside to keep him interested so we got him a T-ball set. (Actually, I'm going to take the credit for this one. Jason didn't think Tab was "big enough". HA ) Tab loves it. We set out to go to soccer the other day and Tab informed me that he wouldn't rather stay home and play T-ball.I have to admit that he is pretty darn cute doing it. And the sunglasses are cute too. And no I'm not cruel forcing him to wear them for pictures. He always asks for a pair when we spend anytime playing outside. Good thing we have a good supplier. Thanks grandpa. Anyway...And just look at that boy swing. He is actually pretty good. I was surprised by how far he could hit the ball.And don't be fooled by that little body and those scrawny arms. He can hit the ball pretty hard too. I learned that the hard way. I had a welt left in my arm by the ball to remind me not to stand near him when he is swinging.I think one of his favorite parts of going outside to play is that he know that if he runs around in the neighbors yard laughing and and squealing long enough the neighbor boys will come out and want to play with him. And when they come out, they open the garage door. And he knows that when that door opens, he has access to this.
Apparently we aren't good parents because he doesn't have his own. Or so he thinks. He loves to load up their wagon and pull it around. He wants me to let him pull Benton around, but I just don't think Benton would be all that happy about it.One of the little boys brought out Croquet and "set it up" for them too play. He was too cute. He was walking around looking at the pamphlet while he was setting it up. Tab thought that this looked like a pretty cool game. Although at first it was kind of scary as he thought the Croquet sticks were large hammers. Yikes. Stand clear. He had a hard time picking just one. Our little neighbor kept getting after him to pick just one color. There were a lot of sighs involved. I had to stiffle my laughter.
For a while he had settled on red. It was fun to watch them trying to hammer the balls through the little tunnel they created as the course.And one last picture for good measure. Tab posing for the camera.


Jon and Chelle said...

I love Tab's shades!! How are you liking Missouri??

Sarah said...

Who has croquet? That is awesome.