Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh RSV- How I Loathe Thee

Benton has RSV. It is a nasty thing I tell you. On top of that he has also developed an ear infection. The poor kid just looks so pathetic. I have to admit that yesterday I was getting a little scared. He had high fevers, was wheezing so loud you could hear him across the room, slept off and on all day...mostly only while being held, and was pretty much limp when he was awake. I can't even tell you how scary it is to see your baby's eyes glazed over while they dart around. I don't know exactly how we managed staying out of the hospital. I think that last night he had a minor breakthrough though. At one point when I got up with him he was barely wheezing at all. A few hours later he was back to normal and I was giving him a 4 AM breathing treatment, but hey baby steps right?

Here I am giving Benton one of his first breathing treatments.

Doesn't he look stoned. And yes, I'm still in my pajamas....don't judge me. I swear it was only like 11:00. And so what if I didn't actually shower until after Jason got home from school at 6. Remember the wanting to he held at all times part?Ocassionaly he decides that he wants to suck on the thing. Fine by me.When Jason got home we decided to try using the mask because supposedly it is better because they are getting more of the medicine.But, he was not having it.

Back to the other way.This is the best part. Sometimes during the treatment you can see that it is starting to make him breathe easier because he conks out.And finally, Tab wants to be a helper. So he was holding the nebulizer for me while I changed Benton's diaper. (and yes I know they are supposed to be sitting up or semi-reclined, but I figured a few minutes while I changed a diaper wouldn't hurt)


Alissa said...

HUGS Babe! You know how worried I was for him/you. Glad to hear he's doing better-ish!

Sarah said...

Poor Benton! Hopefully he'll get better really quickly.

Unknown said...

Ugh! Breathing treatments are the worst. I can't believe he actually fell asleep for one. I sure hope he's better soon!

Anonymous said...

What makes the breathing Tx even worse is that Benny is soooooooo darn stubborn (We're not going to say where he gets that from are we JENNY?... lol)