Sunday, April 20, 2008

With my urge to do so much cooking...

I have felt the need for proper aprons. Ok, they've been on my long list of to do projects for a while. But I was recently inspired by a friend who made a few. Walmart was having a big fabric sale so I picked up some cute little bits. I stumbled across this cute Camo and thought it would be perfect to make Tab a cute apron that he can use for helping me cook and painting, etc. I decided I didn't need a pattern for an apron. They are simple right? Yep. I just sketched out what I wanted it to look like and then measured Tab to get the dimensions that I needed and then sketched it out again onto some large sheets of paper. Then I got to cutting and sewing and it was THAT EASY. I had a blast.
Here is Tab modeling his new digs.
And a better picture since he was more into playing with his trains than he was modeling.The thing to the right is just a washcloth that I attached binding to that I made out of the camo fabric. Every cook needs a towel to wipe their hands on right?

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Anonymous said...

okay, so much better without a pattern. I started making an apron with a pattern like two years ago and still haven't finished it because i can't figure it out. The pattern is way to difficult. Tab's little apron is so stinking cute.