Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pool Noodle Doorway Curtain

I found this great idea is a parenting magazine recently. You take pool noodles and slice them up. Then you thread them together and hang them in the doorway. So while Jason's mom was in town we found some pool noodles and went to work.Tab loves having them hanging from his bedroom door frame. When ever you go into his room he insists on "opening" the door for you aka parting the curtain.Benton is a pretty big fan of them too and that makes me an even bigger fan of them. The only thing that I would do differently if I were to do it again would be to get plain circle pool noodles. I didn't think about the scalloped ones. They ended up looking like flowers and more "girly" but hey what does he know?


Rebekah said...

It is so not fair, you find so many cool activities, patterns, food recipes, etc. It would help if I actually tried.

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

What a cute idea, and it looks so easy!

Saturne said...

Those are so cute. I'm going to have to make some for my kids!