Friday, August 01, 2008

Visiting the Ogdens

We had the opportunity to go down and stay with Jason's grandparents in Nephi for a few days. The boys just loved being able to visit and play. Tab especially loved the horse. He wasn't even the least bit scared.Well, until it came to feeding him. And then he was a little nervous. But he got over that quickly.Tab sure loved to pal around with Grandpa.He was always asking where grandpa was. Here he is waiting patiently for grandpa to come back inside.Now this picture is strictly for blackmail one day.Benton loved his makeshift highchair. Although I do think he got annoyed when the phonebook would start sliding out from under him. At the Ogdens is when Benton really started to crawl. He had been working on it for a while and would go a step or two. But apparently the conditions were just right because he took off.


Alissa said...

the video is adorable! hi benny!

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves the Benny fro and earbangs and Tab's mischievousness.