Sunday, September 14, 2008

4th of July

What, the 4th of July was over 2 months ago. Whatever. I'm just still trying to catch up from summer. It is kind of hard with my computer still at Best Buy (A long, crappy story).

Anyway. We spend Independence Day at my parent's house this summer. My sister, Alissa and her family and my brother, Adam and his family were also there. It was great. We went to a place in Lancaster called Long's Park. They have a Symphony that comes and plays patriotic music until it gets dark and then they play the 1812 Overture, accompanied by cannons, while the fireworks are starting. It is such an amazing display each time I have seen it.

We had a blast. We made dinner and packed it with us, along with a few games and blankets and such. We spent a bit of time playing Boggle, which is our favorite game to play with Matt and Alissa around. We always get our butts royally kicked.
Of course, watching the fireworks was the best part. Tab wasn't sleeping, he was just closing his eyes because of the flash.
My poor mom had the job of trying to keep Benton asleep while the fireworks were going off. Definetly not the easiest job. But as you can tell, she was successful.
You can clearly tell that Adam, Mika and Gabi enjoyed the show.
Alissa and Lucas
Matt and Miles... the poor kid did NOT like the sound.
Jarom and Abbie. After a while I started to get the feeling that Alissa's kids just don't handle loud noices well. She must not yell as much as me because Tab enjoyed the "Boom Lights".
Tab was totally engrossed in watching the show.
We couldn't even get his to look away to get a decent picture.

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Anonymous said...

The coolest fireworks display that I have ever seen. The fireworks to the sound of cannons and the 1812 overture were awesome.

Tab sure heard some good "booms" with the "boom-lights."