Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Reader

Tab loves to "read". It is one of my favorite things when I am worried because it has been a little too quiet for a little too long, so I go in to check on Tab to find this.

This book in particular is his favorite to read. It is Shel Silverstein's "Where the Sidewalk Ends". We bought it for Benton for his birthday and read it at bed time to the boys and Tab has become obsessed with poems like these now. I think it the past month we have read this book 3 times.


Anonymous said...

how cute. they always say you should start kids early LOL

lacyboo said...

Kade does that too. I will catch him in his room just reading his books. I love it when he reads his cookie monster book and all I hear is him making crunching noises like cookie monster:) And Kade also has that crab cake shirt, I absolutely love it(a little too much, I can't help but laugh whenever he wears it:) Too cute. Tab is getting soooo big!

DeAnne said...

How cute! That Tab is a smartie. I loved that book growing up. I still recite a couple of the poems! They are so bizarre and fun. Very cute post!