Monday, September 15, 2008

Play Group

When we visited my parent's, we attended the play group that the church has there. It was a blast. They had it at this little park that had a creek. The kids put on their swimsuits and went for it. They had so much fun.

Every time I think of this play group, I can't help but remember the utter mortification I felt. I was talking to my sister and another lady when Tab came up and told me that he had to go to the bathroom. So I tell him, "ok, hold on just a minute". I'm thinking ok he didn't seem urgent, he can hold it for a minute while I finish up this conversation. I had my back to Tab and my sister points and yells at me to look. I turn around and Tab had his trunks around his thighs and was holding his "ahem" and peeing on the rocks right there on the side of the creek. There were a bunch of people from my parent's ward there and a bunch that I didn't know and I just gasped and said whose kid is that and turned around, bright red. I of course turned back around and yelled at him to stop, but really, how to you get a kid to stop mid stream? We had to have a talk about where it is ok to pee outside. (In case you are wondering, he thought it was ok because earlier I had him pee in the wooded area near the park and unfortunatley we had let him do it at my parent's house, since they live in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, that had to stop.)

Unfortunately, I didn't get too many great pictures. But here is Tab. They were taking turns catching "fish" with some little butterfly nets.

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Alissa said...

i know all of this stuff happened over two months ago, but it feels like yesterday and gosh freaking dang i miss you. I had a great time and I'm cursing that we can't be neighbors... (how about Austin, TX?)