Saturday, September 13, 2008

What is summer for, but to play?

We spent quite a bit of time at various parks while we were visiting my parent's house this summer and here at home.

It was so cute to see my neice, Gabi playing at the park. I guess that they don't have parks like this in Bulgaria, where she and my brother, Adam and his wife, Mika lived up until this summer. She really enjoyed running around and playing.

Benton was finally getting old enough and mobile enough to crawl around in the tunnels at the playground. He thought it was pretty fun. There was a lot of giggling.


Anna, Miles and Tab had fun trying to get this guy wiggling.

I think that the adults had more fun playing on this contraption than the kids, although sadly they were much better at it than us. I think we finally decided that it must just be that we weigh too much and the "things" just weren't meant to turn with that much weight on them. It really wasn't that we were being shown up by 4 and 6 year olds. Ok, fine, maybe we were.

I just loved this picture of Anna. Just look at the concentration and determination in her face. Go, Anna, Go.


dastew said...

Is Benton wearing a Paris-St. Germain soccer jersey??? I'm very impressed. I haven't seen one of those since my mission.

Jenny said...

yes he is. Jason brought it home from paris for us.

Anonymous said...

I can see the Brown Cow in the picture of Jason. Their icecream is sooooooo good.

Anonymous said...

sweet monkey bars...