Saturday, April 11, 2009

Better Late than Never!

So a few weeks ago I had a birthday. It was laid back and chill, just how I like it. The night before my birthday Jason had be open my gifts. Here was the pile.He had me a little nervous that he went way way over budget for a minute. In one of the big boxes was this.Pardon the cheesy grin, but is it really possible to take a decent picture of yourself? He made that cute flower for me out of a bunch of my scrapbook paper and a pipe cleaner. Honestly, I love it almost as much as my other gift. Speaking of the rest of the stack. They were all part of the same thing, just wrapped separately. Jason got me the pasta maker that I had been wanted for a while. The man knows that he can always win by getting me something new for the kitchen!I broke it out the very next day and cleaned it and used it to make pasta that we ate that night. Yummy! I've made pasta a ton of times before the old fashioned way with a rolling pin and such and almost can't believe I ever did such a I am in heaven with my machine. And after a while Jason saw a drying rack online and went out and got the stuff to make me one! What a sweetheart. He complained about it not being perfect because he didn't have the right tools to make it, but it will work great and I love it! Thanks sweetheart, you rock my world!

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Jason said...

Better late than never is our family motto!

Hope nobody ever takes it personally!